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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Hey everyone – 2009 should be a good year for us. We are gaining traction – Boroski’s set up this website (thanks Bryan), and we’ve already met up once in Folsom. I decided to start up a monthly lunch for Nu-Lambda bro’s in the Folsom area – if you are interested in setting one up downtown, feel free.

We’re already talking about events for this year. Another poker night seems about due; Kevin Boll is looking in to dates in August and will soon have something hopefully. I’m also going to organize a RiverCats game this summer – family is encouraged and welcome.

Kevin Boll is the new alumni advisor for the chapter and could use our help as alumni – stop by a meeting! The undergrads haven’t had much exposure to us alumni and it would be cool if a few of us came to a meeting every now and then. Chapter meetings are on Tuesday evenings – email Kevin for details.

A challenge we are dealing with right now is a master database. I put something together in ’01, but it’s pretty old – I’m trying to get some more current stuff from IMH. Fortunately they keep a lot of stuff online so that should help.

Anyway, it should be a good year. A great way to keep in touch with bro’s is to get on Facebook – we already have about 100 Nu-Lambda bro’s on there – get yourself an account of you don’t have one.

Here’s to a great 2009!


John Gladding
Zeta Class ’94

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